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Friday, November 27, 2015

Meet the #Bathrooms #NewHome #OffGrid #Homestead

The kid's bathroom/guest bathroom. We're used to a guest bathroom that the boys also use and another bathroom for me and another for the girls. So we'll see how this works out.

Master Bathroom

See what I mean? Way too much red and quite a bit of blue as well.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Meet the #DiningRoom and #LivingRoom #NewHome #OffGrid #Homestead

So, I'm really downsizing in house space and really increasing in acres. I mean, after all, the kids are growing up and won't be home forever (well, at least I don't think so).

 See? There's more red.
I'm loving the wood burning stove. I've never had one before and I absolutely can't wait to use it. I'm hoping we can be moved in by the 1st or 2nd of December. But it's going to take a lot of work on the outside to make it secure for the dogs and livestock.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Meet the #Kitchen #NewHome #OffGrid #Homestead

I've always said I'd love red in my kitchen. A couple years ago I started purchasing red appliances and dishes. Then I met this home.
Keep in mind, this is before cleaning the home.
 Now, it's not horrible - well, maybe it is - kind of. I guess I just don't like it as much as I thought. (Maybe if the kitchen weren't the only room with all the red - I mean it's through the house).
 I'm thinking maybe I'll go with country blues and yellows, but we'll see what happens. I always have huge plans - but time and money rarely agree with me.
So, you've met the kitchen. What do you think? Too red?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Keys ♥

So, I have keys and I took a ton of before pictures of the inside of the house. I'll try to actually get those off my phone sometime in the next couple weeks since I'm currently without home internet (have I mentioned that moving can be a real hassle?).

I'm hoping to get over tomorrow to do some much needed cleaning and then get packed up. We did move a bit of stuff and shove it all in the corner of one barn. I also dropped off a few cleaning supplies, a broom and a mop (you do know it's bad luck to move the mop and broom from your old house? I'm not much into wive's tales, but honestly - I really don't need anymore rotten luck - so I won't be taking any chances).

Needless to say, only a small portion of the acrage is fenced and most of that fencing is needing repair.

And the kitchen is a bit too red. I'd always wanted red appliances. So a couple years ago, with the intentions of making my kitchen a bit more red, I started buying red dishes and appliances. However, all the red in the new house makes me realize that maybe red isn't such a great idea. I want a country and homey feel and the red just seems to modern to have livestock and mended fences and barns.

Hopefully, before the weekend is over, I'll manage to get some outside images of the property and the wonderful views I'll be looking forward to.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

From My Back Porch

So, here it is. Just what I need. Another blog.

But, while The Cheeky Cow keeps me busy and gives me something to do, as will my 2016 Journaling Through The Bible Challenge, I decided I needed a place to just ramble (oh, do I do that over at The Cheeky Cow?).

This will be more personal. More of what I'm doing/trying and how I'm feeling along with the progresses and failures. Some may be mentioned under homesteading on The Cheeky Cow, but not all. This is just what I'm seeing, thinking, feeling....from my back porch.

This will be my first off grid home. I'm feeling an overwhelming amount of emotions. Emotion overload. Completely.

I get keys next Tuesday and I'm hoping to pull off a four week move in two weeks. (Sure, why don't I add a bit more pressure and stress to the whole situation?)

Not to mention with a 9 month old baby. It's been ages since I've had to do a move with a baby (my youngest is 12).

As for the image at the top, I've always felt I was born to the wrong time period. I know the "simpler" life "back then" was anything but simple. However, it seemed to provide such a sense of family and working together. Some days I really long for that.

For labeling the posts here, since this is more of a journal, posts will be by year. They can easily be found by month by using the drop down menu for the blog archive.

Comments are always welcome and encouraged (I need to at least feel like I'm not rambling on to myself). Be sure to also check The Cheeky Cow as I generally have information overload, crazy posts, as well as giveaways regularly. And I would absolutely love if you felt the urge to join the Bible Journaling Challenge for the upcoming year as well.